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”MEGI” group

“MEGI” group of companies was established in 1995.

We specialize in manufacturing medical and laboratory furniture for hospitals.

First of all we produce medical furniture for equipping hospital wards, operating rooms: a wide range of metal and laboratory cabinets, also of laminated particleboard, medical treatment couches, hospital and community beds, tables and stands. Our company produces more than 350 products and creates new solutions for the healthcare market, increasing and honing our production processes.

Besides medical furniture our company produces hospital patient trolleys, wheelchairs, privacy screens, drip stands and other products.

One of our priorities is the complex equipment of stores, storages and archives – design, production, delivery and mounting of storage equipment and metal furniture. We provide a wide range of metal file cabinets, wardrobes, modular racks, couches, trolleys for different purposes.

We produce laboratory furniture and cabinets using high-tech equipment FinnPower (Finland). Our main product range is laboratory benches, benches with sinks that are all-purpose and very convenient, various fume cupboards.