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We deliver our products all through Russia!

In 2008 our company extended a product range and began to manufacture operational tables, X-ray boxes, air cleaners (recirculators), lockers.

The enterprise has a developed dealer network, cooperates with many medical companies, commercial firms, hospitals and health care centers.

We give a discount depending on the amount of the ordered products.

At the customer's option we can deliver products to any region of Russia by air, road or rail.

Delivery from the plant “MEGI” to transport companies' terminal stations in Ufa is free!

Transervis, a transport company, carries out container transportation.



Transport companies:

- Autotrading company

- Busy lines


- Baikal-Service



Distance to cities:

Ufa -

550 kmUfa - Vladivostok7700 km
Ufa -

420 kmUfa - Izhevsk

340 km
Ufa - Tumen840 kmUfa - Kemerovo
2100 km
Ufa - Samara460 kmUfa - Magnitogorsk350 km
Ufa - Irkutsk3700 kmUfa - Surgut1600 km
Ufa - Perm480 kmUfa- Yaroslavl1300 km
Ufa - Miass330 kmUfa - Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
8000 km
Ufa - Chabarovsk6900 kmUfa - Ulan-Ude4200 km
Ufa - Krasnoyarsk2700 kmUfa - Tomsk2100 km
Ufa - Krasnodar2100 kmUfa - Syktyvkar
1200 km
Ufa - Kazan530 kmUfa - Rostov-on-Don1800 km
Ufa - Voronezh1300 kmUfa - Volgograd
1300 km