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Anti-bacterial Metal Air Cleaner/Recirculator MCK-5908.5

Линейка продукции: МЕГИ
Code: MCK-5908
Dimensions: 1280х307х497
Cost: 102.98 $
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Meant for air sterilizing in hospitals, health care centers, pre-school institutions, schools, plants, etc.

Can be used in the presence of patients or staff.

Eco epoxy coated sheet steel box.

Air sterilizing – by means of forced air circulation through the box in which there are one, two or three anti-bacterial unozone low-pressure lamps (OSRAM).

Intended for wall mount or mobile platform.

Serviced without special tool.

Easy and quick lamp replacement, the cover has no electricity.

A button on/off with light indication on the front part of an air cleaner.

Reliable packing.

Vibration-resistant and impact resistant.

Technical characteristics

Delivered assembled

Filtration/germicidal efficiency – 99,9%

Airflow Rate -100m3/h

Three 30 Watt lamps

I-V groups*

*Area Classification

I – Operating theatres/surgeries, pre-surgical rooms, sterile areas of the central sterile services department, children's wards, wards for preterm and injured infants

II – Dressing rooms, breast milk sterilization and pasteurization rooms, wards and hospital departments for debilitated patients, intensive care units, non-sterile areas of the central sterile services department, bacteriological and virological laboratories, blood donor centers, pharmaceutical production

III – Wards, facilities in health care centers that are not included in the I and II groups

IV – Children's playrooms, classrooms, utility rooms in plant buildings or public places of many people for a long period of time

V - Smoking rooms, community toilets, landings in health care centers